Happy Birthday!!

Just wanted to remind everyone to go to twitter and wish Andy Biersack a Happy Birthday today!! I would also like to note that I know I have not updated this page in almost a whole year but I am trying to star this page back up again. With our every day lives it make its hard to constantly keep up with things but I want to try to get this page back up to what it use to be!

Thank You!! 🙂

Andy Biersack Twitter Link


Where Else Can You Check For BVB Updates??

Hey Everyone,

Have not updated in over a month on this blog. But It does not mean I’m not updating on my google+ community page. That is where you should be looking if this page is not updated ASAP. Here is the link

Black Veil Brides Community Google+ Page

If you have a google+ or are going to create one with your gmail, find the community and join it. There are rules on the side of the community and information. A lot more photos are posted there than they are on here. You will also find other BVB Army members on the community. There is someone new joining the community every day. Each a BVB fan.

Also remember on the right side of this blog on the side you will find a follow button. You can follow this blog by email.

You can also follow my profile on google+ at My Google+ Profile

I hope your enjoying this blog. There will be a poll at the bottom of this page. If you read this and you joined my community put yes in the poll.


~Kenna ❤


Crazy Fan Girls

Before I get to the point of this update let me get to this: Black Veil Brides will be in Philadelphia, PA tomorrow!

Andy’s Tweet:

image (5)

Ok now to what this update is about. Crazy Fan Girls. There is a rumor going around that Andy took down one of the pictures he posted on instagram because of all the sleazy comments. If this is true or not it don’t matter. The point is do you really want to meet Andy and start ripping your clothes off?? Seriously?? “Oh hes my future husband.” Please just take a min and think about this. Your suppose to be a fan of the band and the music. Whatever have a crush on the guys that’s fine! Just don’t be saying anything negative to Andy or Juliett even! Any of the girls the band members see! It’s cruel! Put yourself in there shoes! Would you like it? I think not. Put yourself back on a fan level instead of a crazy fan. Love the music, love the guys as they were a friend even if you have to. It might make you possibly appreciate them more!

Alright I am done ranting. Check back for more updates.

~Kenna ❤

Goodbye Agony

image (4)image (5)image (6)image (7)

Black Veil Brides Is now in Niagara Falls!! They have also aired there song “Goodbye Agony” on the radio. The link for that will be down below. I also found a clip of them playing it live! There is also a loudwire match going on! So be sure to vote for Black Veil Brides-Heart of Fire! (link below)

Jake also had a VLOG series if you have not checked it out yet! Be sure you do! (link below)

I would like to know, what do you think of “Goodbye Agony”, what do you think of Jake’s VLOG, are you close to Niagara Falls??

Let us know in the comments!! Check back for more updates!

~Kenna ❤