Black Veil Brides Is NOT Splitting Up!!

Below I have attached a article from Altpress…  This way any questions or worries about the rumors that Black Veil Brides splitting up are answered. In fact they are NOT splitting up! Warped Tours last year is this year! After that there will be no more Warped Tour! So if you wanna see your favorite band you will have to wait till they have a concert in your area! Please read the article! I did not write the article nor do I own any part of it!

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Black Veil Brides New Album “Vale” Review!

Hey everyone!

 I was finally received my signed copy of Vale in the mail! I wanted to take a while to sit down and enjoy it before I wrote anything about it. I have to say I am very pleased. Black Veil Brides have once again exceeded my expectations. I can tell from this new album that even though there following along with the continuing story of “The Wild Ones” it also has taken on a new sound for them. The intro to some of the songs (for example: The Last One, When They Call My Name, ect) has a different tone that I have never heard before and has not been in previous albums. Of course Black Veil Brides has always had a recognizable sound to them, but there Is something new here. I genuinely wanted to sit down and review this album and give my realist thoughts.

BVB Vale Signed


One of my favorite songs from this album has to be “The King Of Pain”. Its one of those songs that you want on every Black Veil Brides album. Although I did wish for at least one song like “Lost It All” from the “Wretched and Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones” album released in 2013. A slower toned song like that really brings on a emotional effect to the album. Non the less this album still has my star of approval.

The last thing I would like to say for today is to remind everyone to go on Social Media and wish Ashley Purdy a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! He turns 34 today (I believe).

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Black Veil Brides-Wake Up



Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Holiday and a Happy New Year! I am so excited that Black Veil Brides New album Vale comes out soon! 1/12/18!! Only a few days away! So many people are excited to get the signed copy in the mail! Including me! I know I see posts every day about ticket purchases for the upcoming tour with Asking Alexandria! If you have not seen it or been able to purchase tickets yet all attach a link! (One of the places to get tickets)Jinxx I hope you had a amazing birthday! (He is now 32!) I did not forget I just have been very very sick these past two weeks.


I would also like to point out that Andy is on the cover of a new Kerrang magazine! If you have not checked Kerrang out please do so here: (Kerrang)

Black Veil Brides Kerrang 2018

If you have not checked out the RockSound Podcast of 2018 where Andy talks about Black Veil Brides and the new album Vale please give it a listen! (RockSound Podcast)

The last thing I would like to add for this update today is that I am the owner of some successful Black Veil Brides groups on Google+ with some pretty dedicated fans on there. Please check it out. You can also check out the Black Veil Brides Updates Facebook page.

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Whats New In 2015!

Hi everyone! I’m back from break! Time to catch up on some updates!

I’m going to start off with the email I receive almost every month from the Black Veil Brides News Letter. Below is what it said.

“Welcome to the December, 2014 BVB ARMY Newsletter. By now we hope everyone is enjoying our new record! What is your favorite song? We also very much appreciate you coming out and supporting us on the Black Mass Tour! 2015 is looking to be very exciting! As you can see below we have a lot more touring ahead of us. You also may have heard that we are releasing our first ever live DVD later in the year. We know many of you are either to young to attend a show or you don’t live close enough to a venue that we are playing. This DVD is for all of you! Have a happy and safe Holiday and we will see ya next year!” ~BVB News Letter

A live DVD!! I can’t wait!!

Now time for some tour dates!

Check out Andy on the front cover of the new issue of Kerrang Magazine!

New Kerrang Issue (link)

Jake Pitts also has a vlog. Check out his latest videos here: 

New Pictures Below!

image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (8) image (9) image

image (3) image (4)

image (2)

Congrats BVB on winning album of the year and best international band!!

Also on another note- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINXX!!


This is all I have for now!

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