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Make sure you listen to Black Veil Brides’s new song below! Also check out there new issue in Alternative Press Magazine!¬†


2015 Warped Tour

Hi Everyone,

I wanted you all to know that there is a Youtube link on my google+ profile page. I am working on posting videos from Scranton PA Warped Tour on there. Not just BVB but other bands as well. Don’t forget to check them out. I have just a few posted but im slowly working on it.


Kenna ūüôā

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BVB Community/Warped Tour

The BVB community I created on Google+ has now reached over 1,000 people! Thank you everyone who follows that and this blog! Also warped tour is not that far away so don’t forget to get your tickets ASAP!

Check back for more updates!


Win a Warped Tour Ride

Wanna Win a Warped Tour Ride Along with Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack??

Visit the link below to find out more information!


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Where Else Can You Check For BVB Updates??

Hey Everyone,

Have not updated in over a month on this blog. But It does not mean I’m not updating on my google+ community page. That is where you should be looking if this page is not updated ASAP. Here is the link

Black Veil Brides Community Google+ Page

If you have a google+ or are going to create one with your gmail, find the community and join it. There are rules on the side of the community and information. A lot more photos are posted there than they are on here. You will also find other BVB Army members on the community. There is someone new joining the community every day. Each a BVB fan.

Also remember on the right side of this blog on the side you will find a follow button. You can follow this blog by email.

You can also follow my profile on google+ at My Google+ Profile

I hope your enjoying this blog. There will be a poll at the bottom of this page. If you read this and you joined my community put yes in the poll.


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Whats New In 2015!

Hi everyone! I’m back from break! Time to catch up on some updates!

I’m going to start off with the email I receive almost every month from the Black Veil Brides News Letter. Below is what it said.

“Welcome to the December, 2014 BVB ARMY Newsletter.¬†By now we hope everyone is enjoying our new record! What is your favorite song? We also very much appreciate you coming out and supporting us on the Black Mass Tour! 2015 is looking to be very exciting! As you can see below we have a lot more touring ahead of us. You also may have heard that we are releasing our first ever live DVD later in the year. We know many of you are either to young to attend a show or you don’t live close enough to a venue that we are playing. This DVD is for all of you! Have a happy and safe Holiday and we will see ya next year!” ~BVB News Letter

A live DVD!! I can’t wait!!

Now time for some tour dates!

Check out Andy on the front cover of the new issue of Kerrang Magazine!

New Kerrang Issue (link)

Jake Pitts also has a vlog. Check out his latest videos here: 

New Pictures Below!

image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7) image (8) image (9) image

image (3) image (4)

image (2)

Congrats BVB on winning album of the year and best international band!!

Also on another note- HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINXX!!


This is all I have for now!

Check back soon!


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Limited Edition BVB Merch

Limited Edition Black Veil Brides Vannen Watch Widow.


Go to link to see picture.



Limited Edition Black Veil Brides Vannen Watch.  An online exclusive with only 300 available worldwide.  Each watch comes in a hand-numbered box.  A few of these boxes have been signed by each member of the band and will be randomly shipped to a few lucky fans.  Order now and see if your limited edition watch arrives in one of these autographed boxes.

Wrist: Med-Large. 8.5 inches Max.

Crystal: Plastic. Flat w/ Artwork.

Movement: Three-Hand Japanese Quartz, Miyota Movement.

Buckle: Plastic, Matte Black w/ Artwork.

Dial: 34.8mm, Matte Black and Glossy Black.

Loop: Plastic, Matte Black w/ Artwork.

Casing: 43mm, Plastic, Matte Black.

Straps: 22mm Wide, Plastic, Matte Black.

Water resistant up to 10 meters / 30 feet. Limited 90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty.

About Vannen: Vannen captures the electrifying worlds of art, fashion, music, and pop culture and infuses them into every special edition timepiece produced. Vannen makes exceptional, highly collectible, timepieces at affordable prices. Constructing wearable art that is both functional and accessible Рbut still exclusive РVannen has given the public a new way to showcase their taste without breaking the bank.  Individually inspected, assembled and packaged in Los Angeles, every watch is treated like a true piece of art.

~^^^^ Information from website^^^^~

image (2)




New Kerrang Magazine Christmas Issue.


14 - 1

Download Festival 2015!!!


image (3)

The NationalRichmond, VA
07:00 PM
Starland BallroomSayreville, NJ
06:00 PM
The ParamountHuntington, NY
07:15 PM