Black Veil Brides New Black Box!

Hey everyone!! Make sure you keep up with the BVB birthdays, I know I forgot to post about Jinxx. But I know you guys didn’t. Today is Ashley Purdys birthday he is 33! Also be sure to sign up for the New BVB Black Box subscription! YOU ONLY HAVE 7 MORE DAYS! Be sure to go online to and order there Valentines Day Heart Tee and Candle and more. I will link everything down below! Please follow my blog and check me out on FB and Google+!

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BVB Community/Warped Tour

The BVB community I created on Google+ has now reached over 1,000 people! Thank you everyone who follows that and this blog! Also warped tour is not that far away so don’t forget to get your tickets ASAP!

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Win a Warped Tour Ride

Wanna Win a Warped Tour Ride Along with Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack??

Visit the link below to find out more information!

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Where Else Can You Check For BVB Updates??

Hey Everyone,

Have not updated in over a month on this blog. But It does not mean I’m not updating on my google+ community page. That is where you should be looking if this page is not updated ASAP. Here is the link

Black Veil Brides Community Google+ Page

If you have a google+ or are going to create one with your gmail, find the community and join it. There are rules on the side of the community and information. A lot more photos are posted there than they are on here. You will also find other BVB Army members on the community. There is someone new joining the community every day. Each a BVB fan.

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