Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Holiday and a Happy New Year! I am so excited that Black Veil Brides New album Vale comes out soon! 1/12/18!! Only a few days away! So many people are excited to get the signed copy in the mail! Including me! I know I see posts every day about ticket purchases for the upcoming tour with Asking Alexandria! If you have not seen it or been able to purchase tickets yet all attach a link! (One of the places to get tickets)Jinxx I hope you had a amazing birthday! (He is now 32!) I did not forget I just have been very very sick these past two weeks.


I would also like to point out that Andy is on the cover of a new Kerrang magazine! If you have not checked Kerrang out please do so here: (Kerrang)

Black Veil Brides Kerrang 2018

If you have not checked out the RockSound Podcast of 2018 where Andy talks about Black Veil Brides and the new album Vale please give it a listen! (RockSound Podcast)

The last thing I would like to add for this update today is that I am the owner of some successful Black Veil Brides groups on Google+ with some pretty dedicated fans on there. Please check it out. You can also check out the Black Veil Brides Updates Facebook page.

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(Black Veil Brides Updates Facebook)

Thanks again for all the support!

Current Following: 62,393 (From total group members)

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Happy Birthday!!

Just wanted to remind everyone to go to twitter and wish Andy Biersack a Happy Birthday today!! I would also like to note that I know I have not updated this page in almost a whole year but I am trying to star this page back up again. With our every day lives it make its hard to constantly keep up with things but I want to try to get this page back up to what it use to be!

Thank You!! 🙂

Andy Biersack Twitter Link

Black Veil Brides New Black Box!

Hey everyone!! Make sure you keep up with the BVB birthdays, I know I forgot to post about Jinxx. But I know you guys didn’t. Today is Ashley Purdys birthday he is 33! Also be sure to sign up for the New BVB Black Box subscription! YOU ONLY HAVE 7 MORE DAYS! Be sure to go online to and order there Valentines Day Heart Tee and Candle and more. I will link everything down below! Please follow my blog and check me out on FB and Google+!

If you would like to see Andy Black Updates on this blog please comment below! Thank you!







BVB Community/Warped Tour

The BVB community I created on Google+ has now reached over 1,000 people! Thank you everyone who follows that and this blog! Also warped tour is not that far away so don’t forget to get your tickets ASAP!

Check back for more updates!